James Curcio

Special guest

James Curcio (BA, Bard College) is a transmedia artist and writer best known for exploring the intersections of myth, philosophy and media. He currently lives part time in Boston, and full-time on the Internet. Among extensive art and media credits, he is the author of Join My Cult! (New Falcon, 2004), Party at the World’s End, a mythpunk take on The Bacchae in an age of anonymity and rock stars, and his first full-length non-fiction, Narrative Machines (Mythos Media, 2014, 2017). Current projects include Tales from When I Had a Face, a seven year long art ritual in the form of an illustrated fairytale, BLACKOUT, a dark Futurist-Lovecraftian webcomic, and editing and production for The Witch-Doctor, a fiction podcast. All three are based in the expansive Fallen Cycle world. He is the editor of [ModernMythology.net](ModernMythology.net).

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