On Presence

Episode 23 · August 15th, 2018 · 1 hr 43 mins

About this Episode

Phil stops by JF's Canadian homestead for a raucous IRL conversation on the idea of presence. The range of topics includes objects of power, the magic of books, the mystery of the event, modernity's knack for making myths immanent, genius loci, the mad wonder of Blue Velvet, and the iron fist of the virtual.


Gil Scott-Heron, "The Revolution Will Bot Be Televised"
Louis CK on smart phones at the ballet recital
Henri Bergson, Matter and Memory, Creative Evolution
Gilles Deleuze on the virtual: see Bergsonism, Proust and Signs, The Logic of Sense, Difference and Repetition, Cinema II: The TIme Image
Expanding Mind with Erik Davis, "Being Anarchist"
JF Martel, "Reality is Analog"
Jason A. Josephson-Storm, The Myth of Disenchantment (and Gyrus's review)
Gyrus, North: The Rise and Fall of the Polar Cosmos
William Irwin Thompson, The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light: Mythology, Sexuality and the Origins of Culture
Geoffrey O’Brien, Phantom Empire
David Foster Wallace, “David Lynch Keeps His Head”
Donald Barthelme
David Lynch, Blue Velvet
Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, Cannibal Meraphysics