On Weirding, and the Virtues of Unknowing Everything

Episode 133 · October 19th, 2022 · 1 hr 11 mins

About this Episode

With the term "weird studies" gaining currency inside and outside academia, Phil and JF thought it was time to discuss the philosophical method they've been developing on the podcast since 2018. Borrowing a term from Erik Davis, they call it weirding, and here set about trying to understand what it is, and what it means. David Lynch's fondness for crying, the practice of queering in cultural theory, the all-too-real phenomenon of "global weirding,"the spooky agency of artworks, and the tragic death of E.T. at the hands of Damien Hirst are just a few of the subjects touched on in the conversation. "Weirding" also happens to be the working title of the book your hosts are writing for Strange Attractor Press, as well as an eight-week series of lectures and discussions starting October 25th, 2022, on the Nura Learning platform.

Header image: David Lynch, Mulholland Drive

Link to the upcoming course: Weirding: An 8-Week Course With the Hosts of the Weird Studies Podcast


Ludwig van Beethoven, 9th Symphony
James Elkins, Pictures and Tears
Eugenie Brinkema, The Form of the Affects
David Lynch (dir.), Mulholland Drive
Gilkes Deleuze and Felix Guattari, What is Philosophy?
Weird Studies, Episode 121 on “Mandy”
Erik Davis and Timothy Morton, “Uncanny Objects” episode of Expanding Minds
Coen brothers (dir.), Hail Caesar
Esther Williams, American swimmer
Weird Studies, Episode 120 on Radical Mystery
Douglas Rushkoff, Survival of the Richest
William Shakespeare, Macbeth
Erik Davis, “Weird Shit”
Pete Docter and Bob Peterson (dir.), Up
Steven Spielberg (dir.), E.T.
Alejandro Jodorowsky, Psychomagic
Martin Buber, I and Thou
Gilbert Simondon, Imagination and Invention
Weird Studies, Episode 106 the Wanderer
Charles Ludlam, “On Camp” in Ridiculous Theater
Weird Studies, Episodes 14 and 15 on “Stalker
Weird Studies, Episode 35 on M. C. Richards’ “Centering”